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We create interiors that are personalized, unique and are a reflection of those who inhabit them.

About Alison Knapp
Interior Design

With more than 16 years experience in residential design and numerous publications in a variety of both Canadian and International magazines, Alison Knapp has the depth of knowledge, passion and inspired artistry to manifest the perfect balance between form and function.

  • Jack & Faye
    My wife and I have been the benefits of Alison’s expert services for the past 14 years , having had her decorate our home in Burlington (the initial decorating then updating / tweaking periodically) and our 3 year old home in Florida . The best thing I can say is that whenever anyone comes into one of our homes the immediate response is a resounding WOW !! We have thoroughly enjoyed our professional relationship with Alison – specifically her ability to understand what we want and then deliver an end-product that ‘always’ exceeds our expectations. My wife values Alison’s expertise and trusts in her decisions  so much so that we are engaging her services to help design the interior of a new condo we are buying in Halifax and to decorate same. We are what can only be described as ‘Raving Fans’ of Alison Knapp Interior Design.
    Jack & Faye
  • Pam, Mike and Paul Bottos
    We have had the privilege of working with Alison through our contracting company for several years now. Alison’s passion for unique and personal interior design resonates throughout each project.

    Alison is a genuine professional, providing useful design insights and ideas which meets her client’s expectations. She spends time understanding her client’s dreams, their budgets and their project’s requirements. She provides recommendations that suite each individual project perfectly.

    Working with a designer of Alison’s caliber has only highlighted our company’s ability to provide beautifully finished home renovations. We look forward to our continued relationship with Alison, and highly recommend her for your home project and interior design needs.

    Pam, Mike and Paul Bottos
    Grand Construction Commercial and Residential Renovations
  • Steve and Christine Upson
    My husband and I started building our dream home in 2016.  We really were not thinking of hiring a interior designer at the time as we thought we knew exactly what we wanted and knew what we were doing as we are in the construction business ourselves. A business friend recommended we hire Alison Knapp Interior Design, as they had just built their dream home with Alison.  It turned out to be the best advice and best decision that we made at the beginning of our build.  Alison asked for all of my interior ideas including pictures, direction and style Alison and her team made it even better than we could have imagined. There were times when Alison brought a idea or product to me that I wasn't a hundred percent loving, Alison convinced me to stick with it and put my trust in her, very glad I did. The ideas I wasn't so sure about have turned out to be some of my favourite choices in my home.

    We can't say enough about how much Alison and her team, made our lives easier at times of extreme stress.  Always a phone call away when things weren't going smoothly or questions arose that we were not able to answer, Alison usually already had an answer or solution to the problem, her experience really shined through at those times.  Alison was already anticipating these questions, that is invaluable to anyone building a home or renovating their home, I know we have done both.

    Alison and her team also did a wonderful job of knowing exactly where to place light switches, plugs, and pot lighting.  These decisions can be daunting at times, when Alison is presenting the plans for these items she is already planning for furniture and has furniture placement in mind, right down to plugs in the floor for side table lamps. She even planned a Christmas tree plug. The furnishings and fabrics she chose really reflect who we are and our needs. My husband and I love the furniture and quality Alison chose for us.  We absolutely love our home and sometimes want to pinch ourselves at how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful home. 

    A huge thank you to Alison, Stephanie and Daniela for making our dream home a reality.  We look forward our next project with Alison Knapp Interior Design. 

    Steve and Christine Upson
    Georgetown, Ont.