Alison Knapp Interior Design

We create interiors that are personalized, unique and are a reflection of those who inhabit them.

At Alison Knapp Interior Design, the goal is not just to create beautiful spaces, but also livable spaces.

W ith more than 16 years experience in residential design and numerous publications in a variety of both Canadian and International magazines, Alison Knapp has the depth of knowledge, passion and inspired artistry to manifest the perfect balance between form and function. She creates interiors that are rich in detail, sophisticated, and above all embody a timeless characteristic. Indeed if she were to sum up her style in one word, it would simply be: classic.

Her commitment and passion does not end at design only. A firm believer in the philosophy that a home is not just a place to sleep, to work and eat, but also a manifestation of the inhabitant’s life, their desires, and their passions, Alison works within all aspects of residential design in order to achieve this transformation.

She acts as a liaison with architects, builders, general contractors, tradespeople and other related design professionals, in order to ensure that the final product is tailor-made to the desires of the homeowner.

"Your vision is my signature look," she says, and this is the motto that she strives to live and design by. Alison prides herself on her ability to listen to a clients needs and wishes, to use her approachability and integrity to meld desire and vision into a physical, tangible reality. In short, to turn wood and stone, into a home.