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New Construction

Windy Point

This cottage's creation was a four-year journey, mirroring the evolving lives of its owners

Serene | Airy | Modern Simplicity



Design Highlights:

Views That Command Attention: With a focus on breathtaking views, every window was meticulously integrated into the design, framing the natural surroundings from multiple angles.

Art-Inspired Layout: The layout was inspired by two pre-construction art pieces – a wax-on-canvas moose and bear – making these artworks central to the design, creating spaces that showcase them beautifully.

Captivating Fireplace: A stone fireplace adorned with a slab tile front becomes a captivating focal point.

Unfitted Kitchen: The kitchen is a blend of materials, featuring a tile slab hood face for added intrigue.

Architectural Precision: The main floor features a double-beam style that aligns with the cottage's axis, while the lower level boasts a polished concrete floor for an industrial touch.

This cottage journey unfolds as a testament to the intersection of design and life, where every element tells a story of evolution and elegance.

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